Jarod A. Hebert, Architect is a residential architecture firm that strives to create classic, timeless designs that are firmly rooted in the rich architectural history of the South, particularly Louisiana.  While our designs are strongly based on historical precedents, we adapt these influences to conform to the modern lifestyles of our clients.  Since our designs draw heavily on the time-tested historical details, the result is a home that is likely to endure as a classic, timeless, elegant structure, wherever it is built.


The process of designing your home is a very exciting and personal journey.  We offer custom design services as well as a portfolio of existing designs that may be purchased as-is or with modifications to suit your preferences.  Our website offers you a preview of only a small portion of the numerous designs of varying sizes and styles that are available.  To view additional designs, or to work with us on a custom design for your home, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.


Jarod Hebert was raised in the rural farmlands of south central Louisiana.  He was fascinated by the unique architectural language that is found in this area, as well as the historically based European style of nearby New Orleans.   He was continually drawn to the noble, enduring structures of traditional southern architecture.  These interests led him to the study of architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, from which he graduated in 1996.  He began his architectural career designing mostly commercial and governmental structures, but was continuously drawn to the more personal world of residential architecture.  Over the course of more than 20 years, he has designed countless homes throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.  He truly enjoys the design process of meeting with clients, discussing the hopes and dreams they have for their home, synthesizing those discussions into a design that manifests their desires, and eventually seeing those dreams realized when the final product is completed.


Louisiana Architecture… classic, timeless, elegant.  Vibrant, welcoming, comfortable.  Its colors, forms, and textures are as varied as the cultures that originally settled in this area.  It manages to be rich and luxurious while still maintaining a sense of casual elegance.  Many cultures have come together to create Louisiana’s rich architectural heritage.  As they immigrated to Louisiana, each of these unique cultures had to adapt their way of life to suit the new environment they found.  They modified the traditional construction methods of their homelands to respond to Louisiana’s topography and hot, humid climate…and a new style of architecture was born:  Louisiana Architecture.  It is a potent gumbo infused with elements of English, American, French, Spanish, African, Acadian, Creole, and West Indies architecture.  It’s an enchanting juxtaposition of simple historical construction methods, rich materials, vibrant earth-toned colors, and varied vernacular forms.  Over time, as these immigrants adapted the various aspects of their lives, what resulted was a unique culture whose life, food, music, and indeed whose architecture is like no other.


Jarod Hebert Architect is a Residential Architect Firm in Lafayette, Louisiana